Blackberry Mango Green Smoothie

My blender caraffe, jam-packed with nutrients and yumminess.

I have gotten into the habit of going to the 5:30am gym classes on the weekdays, and by the time I get home at about 6:45am, I am absolutely famished. I like to prepare these smoothies the night before, putting everything in the caraffe and then setting in the fridge. When I get home in the morning, it is waiting there for me to simply put on the blender motor and flip the switch. I love easy breakfasts. Sometimes I’ll add some flax seed to boost the fiber too.

There’s something about adding spinach to a smoothie that just increases the enjoyment that I get from breakfast. It’s probably knowing that I have increased the niacin and Vitamin A -let alone green, leafy veggies in general- in my diet, without sacrificing taste even an iota. Spinach has such a neutral flavor, that when you add the coconut yogurt and all the yummy fruits, it merely changes the color.

Also, you can gross out/impress your friends with your extra-healthified smoothie, while secretly knowing that it tastes freaking delicious. I mean, you coud share that info, but then you could no longer gross people out, and where would the fun be in that???

It's easy being green =).

Blackberry Mango Green Smoothie

1/2 cup milk

1 single-serving container of coconut greek yogurt (I use Dannon)

3/4 cup chopped mango

10-12 blackberries

2 handfuls fresh spinach leaves (I have average-sized girl hands)

Place all ingredients in a blender; blend until smooth.

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