Traveler’s Meal #1- Chickpeas and Tomatoes

My dinner, sitting on the sill of the hostel dorm window in Florence as I watch the passerby’s below.

Traveling can make the typically annoying question of “what’s for dinner?” into a complete nightmare. Depending on where you are, the restaurants might be expensive, the food might not be to your liking, or there might be no dining options nearby. For such occasions, I keep a can of chickpeas and a can of tomatoes (diced or whatever you like/can find) on hand. Of course, be sure you have a spoon and either have the kind of can with a tab on the top to open, or you have a can opener.

Simply open both cans, drain and rinse the chickpeas (I do this in the can, since I often don’t have a bowl available), then spoon some chickpeas on top of the tomatoes and enjoy. The cans are great ‘cus they require no refrigeration. I love this meal because it’s packed with fiber and protein from the chickpeas and tomatoes are just so good for you.

Florence from atop the Duomo.

I had this meal when I was tired just couldn’t fathom going out and eating at a¬†restaurant¬†one night. I just wanted to stay at home and cuddle under my blankets. Sometimes travel wears me down a bit.

Of course, this meal will probably be making several more appearances while I am here in Buenos Aires, Argentina (June 5-July 5). However, the difference between being in Europe and being in Argentina is that in Argentina I am staying in the same hotel the entire time so I can take classes from my university. Because I will be in a hotel for a month, I have a 2-burner stove, a microwave, and a fridge -none of which I had access to in Europe. I am pretty excited and there will be probably be more Traveler’s Meal-like posts to come.

Add an apple and a nalgene bottle (beverage of your choice can fill it) and you’re good to go.

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